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Lives in: Oranit
Country: Israel
Mobile: +972 54 7202248
Fax: +972 3 9321026
astralogic mail: mail:
Time Zone:GMT +2
Member Since: September 2010

Short CV

Software Architecture & Development & Consulting

More than 11 years of programming and application development experience in a leading Israeli companies in the fields of optimization of corporate activities (Callflow), conference over IP (Interwise AT&T), and Web Tech start-ups (Mainly in the area of Stock, tickets trading and sport fantasy game), as a software engineer, development team leader, VP R&D and CTO . Expertise with distributed systems – client/server, windows platform technologies, web applications and web services.

Computer skills

  • Proficient in: Web applications and web services (COM/DCOM, C\C++, Javascript, HTTP , AJAX, JSON , ASP , PHP, XML , XSL, Design Patterns), Object Oriented Programming
  • Experience with: Web applications and web services (C#, ASP .NET, NPAPI Plugin (Ansii C++), XUL Add-on, J2EE , Java bean, Java servlet, JSP ), SQL , multi -threaded environment,
    Trading/Social Framework API (JQuery, Facebook, Paypal, eBay, Linked-in,,,
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access, MySQL
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows (XP, Win 7, Winn 2003 and 2008 Server), Linux Red Hat, Linux Ubuntu
  • Browser: IE 6,7,8, Mozilla Firefox > 1.5 and Thunderbird > 3, Safari, Chrome, Opera
  • Web Server: IIS, Apache 2.2.6, Tomcat 6.0

“I love the challenge of delving into a new technology and mastering it to create better (Performance, User friendly, Creative, Innovative) solutions for my clients.
I believe in hard work without compromises – and I don’t take shortcuts!”